NFPA 557-2016 pdf



NFPA 557-2016 pdf download,Standard For Determination Of Fire Loads For Use In Structural Fire Protection Design.
NFPA 557-2016 contains minimum requirements relating to the organization and deployment of fire suppression operations, emergency medical operations, and special operations to the public by substantially all career fire departments. 1.1.1 The requirements address functions and objectives of fire department emergency service delivery, response capabilities, and resources. NFPA 557-2016 also contains general requirements for managing resources and systems, such as health and safety, incident management, training, communications, and pre-incident planning. NFPA 557-2016 addresses the strategic and system issues involving the organization, operation, and deployment of a fire department and does not address tactical operations at a specific emergency incident.
1.5 Units and Formulas
1.5.1 The units of measure in this standard are presented in the International System(S1)of Units.
1. 5.2 The values presented for measurements in this standard are expressed with a degree of precision appropriate for practi cal application and enforcement. It is not intended that the application or enforcement of these values be more precise than the precision expressed
1.5.3 Where extracted text contains values expressed in only one system of units, the values in the extracted text have been retained without conversion to preserve the values established by the responsible technical committee in the source docu- ment
1.6 Approved Qualifications. The evaluation of the fire load shall be prepared by an approved person.


NFPA 557-2016 pdf